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New Year Goals: 5 Tips for Success
4 min read January 10, 2022
Does the Best Sleeping Position Exist?
5 min read December 24, 2021
Weighted Blanket Holiday Gift Guide
4 min read December 4, 2021
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Stay Cool: The Summer Heat is Here!

The summer heat is here and it's brutal! Stay cool this summer with our tried and tested tips.

There is nothing worse than waking up at night in a pool of sweat. Those peak summer months can make it seemingly impossible to stay cool enough to fall asleep and stay asleep. Thankfully, many homes are equipped with air conditioning which helps control the temperature. However, homes without air conditioning are not an anomaly, and some people who have air conditioning still choose to use it sparingly in fear of receiving a large electric bill. My childhood home was unequipped with air conditioning, and that experience transcended to college, where each apartment also had no air conditioner. I can say from personal experience that hot summer nights are the absolute worst.

Chances are, if you’ve read up until this point, you’re facing a similar situation and searching for relief from the July heat. Lucky for you, from my experiences growing up and I’ve learned the best tips and tricks to stay cool throughout the night, and I’m going to share these tips with you.

tips to stay cool infographic

7 Tips to Stay Cool Every Night this Summer

1. Fabric matters

Not all fabrics are created equal when you’re trying to stay cool. Some materials, such as wool or fleece, are great for cold winter months because they trap heat. However, the thought of sleeping under a wool blanket in the middle of July is unbearable. Opt for fabrics such as cotton or linen, as these are more breathable fabrics that help us feel cooler. If you’re anything like me, you need to have blankets on top of you to fall asleep. Luckily there is an abundance of options for cotton blankets, such as our very own weighted blanket. Currently, I live in Southeast Georgia, where the temperatures are consistently in the 90s. Our house is typically between 75 and 80 each night, but sleeping with the weighted blanket (and two cats and a husband) doesn’t feel overly warm.

2. Live unplugged

Anything that requires electricity creates heat. Take a look around your bedroom and take notice of all the items that are constantly plugged in. The plug should not get hot (because that’s a hazard), but it will be warm, contributing to increased warmth in your bedroom. To reduce the amount of warmth trapped in your room, try to keep as much of the electronics unplugged as possible; yes, that includes your cell phone charger that you keep plugged in forever. (:

3. Water your options. 

Your best option is harnessing the power of water! As water evaporates from the skin, it takes the warmth from your skin with it. Consider taking a shower before bed, either warm or cold. A warm shower will help you stay cool, but a cold shower will prolong the coolness and give you a better chance of falling asleep comfortably. Cold showers are not fun, and no one enjoys stepping into the icy water. But what’s worse – trying to fall asleep during a hot night. 

4. Hydrate

Water consumption is important regardless of temperature, so this isn’t a unique tip to stay cool at night. We sweat; that’s also nothing new, so on overly warm nights, it’s important to remain hydrated so that our body can do its thing and naturally regulate its temperature. Dehydration can impede our body’s ability to sweat.

5. Keep the blinds closed

During the day, the sun will beam into your house, which will cause the room to heat up by a few degrees. To combat this, keep the blinds (and curtains, if applicable) shut to ward off the sun’s heat. This tip is challenging because I am someone who thrives off of natural sunlight while working from home, but the tip is tried and tested. This doesn’t mean you need to close the blinds for every window of your house (although that would certainly help overall); focusing on your bedroom will suffice. 

6. Use a fan

Okay, this one is obvious, but it’s effective. Try placing your fan opposite the side of your window to create a cross breeze. For an added measure to stay cool, people have recommended putting a block or bowl of ice in front of the fan or a wet sheet. Play around with your fan use to create the most comfort.

7. Use Mother Nature to your advantage 

Typically, as the sun sets and throughout the night, the temperature is cooler. There are locations and times of the year where it remains hot during the night, but ordinarily, you can find some relief with the cool night air. Harness that refreshing temperature by sleeping with your windows open and using a fan to suck in that cooler air. Make sure to close that window in the morning, or your room will become uncomfortably hot during the day and take longer to cool off the next night.


Veronica is a mental health professional who is pursuing a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She has earned her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and now provides therapy to children and youth in the community agency setting. She has been a part of several studies withiфn the field of psychology, including cognitive psychology, sports psychology, and health psychology. Her current research interests revolve around utilizing mindfulness meditation techniques and how they can impact the health of individuals in various socio-economic settings. She also has research interests revolving around developing and implementing interventions to aid in recovery from substance abuse within the primary care setting.

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