Aug 20, 2020
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Weighted Blanket Benefits Research Review: Our Blog Schedule

Curious about whether weighted blankets stand up to the hype or not? Come join us in our objective research review to discover the truth.

Hey all, I am excited to present the blog schedule for our research review over the next year.  Not only will this process help us conduct R & D, but the “weighted blanket therapeutic benefits” written series will help educate consumers about what weighted blankets can do for them.


For this line, our writer is Veronica, a licensed mental health professional who works with disadvantaged children within the community. Our blog is still buggy (with authors, etc… don’t worry guys the web dev is continually working on it…), so I will post her self-reported biography here:

Veronica earned her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and has been part of several studies within the field of psychology, including cognitive psychology, sports psychology, and health psychology. Veronica has worked with the substance abuse population and children and youth who have presented with various mental health disorders. She intends to continue working in underserved areas and produce innovative and relevant research to publish and present at conferences, both domestically and internationally. She desires to educate others about prevalent issues within the field of mental health.

Research Review Series Goals

The goal of this blogging series is to help educate our customers about therapeutic benefits experienced by subjects of prior weighted blanket clinical studies. Proposed weighted blanket benefits, and how weighted blankets work are still relatively untested topics. If you are skeptical about the impacts of a weighted blanket, you may be interested in joining us for this process.  Do weighted blankets really work?  Who have weighted blankets been shown to help already?

Research Review Blog Schedule

We will engage in what we labeled “Phase I,” first, reviewing all primary literature from clinical trials surrounding weighted blankets.  Then, we will dive into scientific articles that cover the theorized mechanism of action of DPT along with clinical trials conducted on other alternative therapy treatment modalities similar in application to truHugs during Phase II.  Our objective literature review is planned to be completed towards the end of 2019, with 2-4 reviews being published weekly.  (Some articles may require more time to evaluate than others, we want flexibility in scheduling to create quality content)  For a quick look at our therapeutic series posting schedule, please preview the PDF here:

Jonathan THWB

When my brother started truHugs, I was skeptical as to whether weighted blankets really worked. Using my research background in Kinesiology I quickly dove into the science to discover that weighted blankets, to my surprise, have some documented positive effects during use. Obsessed with product improvement, I promise to use my background in a diverse field of sciences to continually help improve our products for maximum comfort and benefit. I hold a M.S. in Kinesiology and M.B.A. along with 13 industry related certifications.

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