Aug 20, 2020
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Holiday Demand Limited Availability Unit Release Schedule & Truhugs 2 Pre-launch incoming

See our Holiday disbursement schedule below.

Thank you to our loyal fanbase that has been helping truHugs spread the word throughout the last few months since our launch in Early Winter.  The “word of mouth” effect from our customers has increased demand beyond that which we forecasted. (while taking into account the holiday seasonal effects)  Our forecast relied on slow organic growth through honest value production with modest advertising.

We packed over 180 boxes on Monday, December 17th. More boxes. More truHugs. Ahhhhhhhh!

Your love is overwhelming, and we respond by trying to give each order the time it deserves.  At this point, the demand has exceeded our automated capacities and we are manually taking care of the overflow per package by hand.  We have hired extra onboard help to process everyones order efficiently and correctly.  We apologize in advance for any mistakes that may occur as we efficiently adapt our organizational infrastructure.

Because the truHugs team is already working like zombies (grrrr!), we must limit our daily availability.  Please check back here for updates.

In order to ensure future customers have access to truHugs and allow for sufficient time in serving our existing customers with 5-star excellence, we have also decided to limit the overall quantity we will sell through winter.

Because of overwhelming call-ins requesting to make more TruHugs ONE available before Christmas, we listened. In order to reserve access to truHugs for both night-time workaholics and early morning risers alike, we will be drip feeding 3 blankets per color / weight onto Amazon AND our Webstore at the following times: 6 AM,12 PM, and 4 PM.  For the night owls, we will be drip feeding 2 blankets per night (hey there’s less of you, our data shows that) at 8 PM. If inventory is not sold out before the next reload time, availability quantities will be summed.  All truHugs blanket deliveries are warranted to be delivered within the promised checkout delivery date range regardless of distribution channel.  Thank you for understanding manually packing that many truHugs and then delivering each one to FedEx / UPS / and USPS correctly (taped on all sides so rain can’t leak in) takes a lot of time. Our time limitation is why we have limited our availability. *UPDATED* Jan 2nd, 2019 This schedule no longer applies for the year of 2019. We will be releasing units according to daily adjusted availability.

Release of truHugs TWO

As co-owner of truHugs, I would like to thank you all for your support.  I have accelerated our finalization of truHugs TWO’s design, a R & D process that actually started this January.  We will release spoilers of how its improved close to launch date.  We have already scheduled a team to fly out in order to scope for plausible suppliers.  To give you an idea of our time frame, our planned release for truHugs TWO is early to mid May.  The promotional video for truHugs TWO is already in the works.  For truHugs TWO, current customers and newsletter subscribers will be given priority for pre-purchase and a VIP discount.

Thanks everyone, hopefully over time I can repay all your trust with a product we can all enjoy.


Co-owner and R&D Lead

P.S. Please forgive all the bugs in our blog, as our web developer is continually working out the kinks.  I followed along with GaryVee, the master of the universe of social media marketing, when I was learning how to outreach to you guys so he is definitely someone I admire anyway.

Jonathan THWB

When my brother started truHugs, I was skeptical as to whether weighted blankets really worked. Using my research background in Kinesiology I quickly dove into the science to discover that weighted blankets, to my surprise, have some documented positive effects during use. Obsessed with product improvement, I promise to use my background in a diverse field of sciences to continually help improve our products for maximum comfort and benefit. I hold a M.S. in Kinesiology and M.B.A. along with 13 industry related certifications.

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