Loneliness: The New Epidemic
4 min read - January 23, 2022
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Dec 22, 2021
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Loneliness: The New Epidemic
4 min read January 23, 2022
New Year Goals: 5 Tips for Success
4 min read January 10, 2022
Does the Best Sleeping Position Exist?
5 min read December 24, 2021
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Blog and Truhugs 2 Updates

Truhugs 2 is coming; Read more here for updates.

While the launch of truHugs was set in February, we have readjusted our official grand opening launch towards Winter of 2019, right around the time of the release of truHugs TWO. Thank you truHugs ONE customers… because of your patronage that we are able to invest time and energy in creating the weighted blanket of your dreams. We will try not to disappoint.

Many of you have become close friends with us over the phone. Please stay in touch!

TruHugs 2 updates

We were going to release our truHugs TWO variant with several improvements this month, matching our Grand Opening timeline.  However, we have become obsessed with truHugs TWO’s improvement on every detail.  Instead of launching an inferior product preemptively, we are making sure truHugs TWO is even better than planned on a quality and functional level.  It just feels right.

We are currently working on…

  • Improving raw material selection and product design.
  • Implementing community feedback “on the spot” from survey responses sent out THIS month.
  • Improving manufacturing processes through new technologies and machinery.
  • Obtaining international sustainability and quality control related certifications for our raw materials and manufacturing processes.
  • Finalizing our packaging design and materials.
  • Visually inspecting each blanket manufactured for truHugs 2. That’s right, we will stand there and make sure each blanket meets our quality standard before packaging it right in the factory.

We are funneling all resources into creating a better product for those who trusted us, truHugs ONE legacy customers. This being stated, the launch of truHugs TWO is so important we have delegated 2 months to traveling around the world, working on raw material sourcing, licensing, manufacturing processes, and much much more.  We will try to keep the blog updated with our travel and sourcing updates. We might even vlog, that would be kinda cool. Because our travel team consists of the 3 people who helped write and peer review our material science posts, we may lag on the material science reporting here a bit.  In our humble opinion, nailing down truHugs TWO for our customers and making it the best it can be should be prioritized over writing and blog reporting.  Actions over words.

Blog & reporting schedule

We are happy to report that our recent cumulative impact on e-commerce transparency has been successful. This would not be possible without help from our competitors and readership.

New to our writing team starting in the month of April is Elizabeth, a British textile sustainability expert who has been featured in many journals and articles.  Not only will she diversify the available content for our readers, she will also add onto the much-appreciated work created by Veronica (topic: weighted blanket clinical trial reviews) and Julia (topic: DPT mechanism of action) as we move towards summer.

Our blog will be going through a few back-end technical changes in the next few weeks, so we apologize in advance if content doesn’t display properly aligned, beautifully sized, etc.  We are going from insertion anomalies and soft coding into building something that is sustainable and easy to use.  Building this database is a process we plan on conquering!

We will be announcing the pre-launch of truHugs 2 late summer. Current customers should expect an ‘innovation’ survey form soon. Certain ideas are give and take (ie. improving durability, but decreasing tactile comfort with certain hemming techniques) and we will engineer what our customers prioritize. We will post consumer survey response statistics, highlighting which community-led ideas were implemented, with the pre-release of truHugs TWO. Current customers and fans have exclusive access to truHugs TWO prototypes to provide feedback several months before public release, a special limited-edition warmer woven variant of truHugs 2’s cover to switch out for winter, and a discount upon truHugs 2’s release.


When my brother started truHugs, I was skeptical as to whether weighted blankets really worked. Using my research background in Kinesiology I quickly dove into the science to discover that weighted blankets, to my surprise, have some documented positive effects during use. Obsessed with product improvement, I promise to use my background in a diverse field of sciences to continually help improve our products for maximum comfort and benefit. I hold a M.S. in Kinesiology and M.B.A. along with 13 industry related certifications.

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