Free your mind and your body

Weighted blankets help you think and act with calm confidence afforded by a balanced autonomic nervous system. Try truHugs with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

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Cognitive benefits

  • Reduce feelings of stress & anxiety

    Think with a calm reserve as your "fight-or-flight" nervous system is dampened.

  • Increase happiness

    Feel content & reduce depressive symptoms.

  • Increase attention & focus

    Stop seeking and be distracted by trivial stimuli your body interprets as threatening.

  • Reduce sexual dysfunction

    Spend that evening with your special someone as you stop worrying.

Physical benefits

  • Improve digestion

    Increase stomach and intestinal activity to keep your system clean.

  • Reduce pain

    Quell your c-fiber 'pain' nerves as you make it through your hustle and bustle.

  • Regulate energy expenditure

    Allow your liver to keep your blood sugar steady, decreasing your need for sweets.

  • Calm the body

    Reduce the amount of adrenaline released and lower your heart rate.

Helps decrease disorder symptoms


Alzheimers disease

Anorexia nervosa


Bipolar personality disorder

Binge-eating disorder

Border-line personality disorder






Schizophrenia & other psychosis

Sensory processing disorder

In order to maintain our firm commitment to presenting information honestly, let us proudly state:

All the 'cited' therapeutic benefits on this page are stated to be experienced by study subjects in prior scientific studies conducted on weighted blanket use and how weighted blankets work. However, your own experience with truHugs or other weighted blankets may differ. Try truHugs for yourself risk-free to see!

Sleep calmer & deeper

Calm your nerves and enter into a peaceful restorative sleep. Sleeping quality statistical indicators below are presented. The data is derived from research studies directly examining the effects of weighted blanket use.

time till sleep

- 13%

after using weighted blanket

- 9 minutes

tossing & turning

- 14%

after using weighted blanket

- 2500 activity score

times woken up

- 20%

after using weighted blanket

- 2 awakenings

total time slept

+ 6%

after using weighted blanket

+ 28 minutes

Live with peace and happiness

Improve your mood & live life to the maximum. Cognitive statistical indicators below are presented. The data is derived from research studies directly examining the effects of weighted blanket use.

Decrease symptoms of depression by 59%.

Increase attention by up to 16%.

Decrease feelings of anxiety by 52%.

How truHugs weighted blanket works

step 1

Skin receptors sense stable environment

truHugs weighted blanket provides feeling of being hugged through evenly distributed pressure. Mechano-receptors in our skin detect this grounding pressure and send a signal up to our brain. Without the pressure stimulus, our body is on constant alert for new and changing stimuli.

step 2

Brain assumes the environment is safe

Our brain receives the signal that our body is in a stable environment, and increases valgus nerve transmission. In parallel, serotonin & melatonin (feel-good relaxation neurotransmitters) are released while cortisol (stress hormone) release is inhibited.  

step 3

Body assumes the environment is safe

The balance of our autonomic nervous system shifts, increasing parasympathetic nervous system activity while decreasing sympathetic nervous system activity. This process slows heart rate, increases digestion, and prevents secretion of epinephrine and norepinephrine, adrenaline stress-associated hormones.

Our approach to reviewing the literature

TruHugs is dedicate to a comprehensive weighted blanket literature review not only to educate consumers, but improve their products. First, we will review all the weighted blanket clinical research that was performed directly on weighted blankets. Second, we will critique the flaws in specific weighted blanket study designs. Third, we explore the additional questions we must ask to confirm whether claims made on weighted blankets are true. This process may entail deep investigation into many secondary resources. It is our hope that our attention to detail will let us improve TruHugs together.

Still not convinced our product will help?

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