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Here at truHugs, we want to make sure you are happy with your product if you decide to keep it. Thus, we offer the best return and refund policy in the weighted blanket space to date. We will pay for return shipping within a month from you receiving the product as long as we can refurbish it and there is no permanent unrepairable damage to the product! This 100% satisfaction guarantee is part of truHugs initiative to earn your business through honesty. If we weren't honest we would be out of business with this kind of policy.

Our return policy

Before submitting the return claim form at the bottom of this page, please review our return policies. We have 3 different return policies, dependent on product condition and use. As you can see, if all the lax conditions are met in any of them, we pay for return shipping if you decide supporting truHugs is not for you.

Condition #1: Product is DOA

Oh no, one of our blankets slipped through our detailed quality control methods and you received a damaged product upon arrival. Please contact us within 5-days of receiving the product with damage pictures for a full refund or exchange and we will pay for ALL shipping expenses.

Condition one breakdown - Time window: 5-days, Shipping expenses: fully paid, Reimbursement: refund or exchange.
Condition two breakdown - Time window: 1 month, Shipping expenses: fully paid, Reimbursement: refund or exchange.

Condition #2: Product is new un-used condition

If you determine our product is not a good fit for you before you open it, please let us know and we will refund the full amount plus the cost of return shipping. New products in packaging are valid for free exchanges. If you ordered the wrong weight or color, please exchange free of charge for the truHugs blanket your desire.

Condition #3: Product is used but is also in great resellable condition

We don't want you to hesitate in trying our product. Thus we offer a full refund for products that have been 'tried' by our customers in a 1-month time window for 30 days after the delivery date as long as the product is in great 'resellable' condition. Thats fair and honest right?

Primary examples of product attributes that will prevent a product from being resold include: a) color fade on duvet cover (only improperly washing the blanket will cause this, such as with bleach), b) rips in the stitching, zipper, or inner comfort layer, c) stains or pet marks on the fabric and d) customer lost / damaged packaging. We realize the blanket may not be new after you try the product, and to claim a return policy only for a new sealed products is unrealistic. If you are still unsure as to whether you will keep your weighted blanket, please be careful when unpacking it and trying it out. Please keep the original packaging.

All returns require submission of a return form with pictures and need to be approved before the return shipping label can be paid by us. We are friendly and reasonable people and unless you are totally evil, we will most likely accommodate you.

All Amazon sales are subject to Amazon's return policies which we have no control over. However, as a seller our 1 month return policy still holds true, even on Amazon. Returns may take longer via Amazon dependent on how responsive their customer support center is at any given time.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you encounter Amazon return delays as working under their return policies is more time consuming and has its own specific set of instructions, particularly if you aren't a Prime member. Communicate with us, we will make your life easier.

Returned blankets are refurbished then sold as 'refurbished or used' to its new home on E-Bay or Pinterest. All refurbished units are sold 'as described' and sales are final. Accordingly, all blankets we sell on our webstore and Amazon are guaranteed to be brand new and sealed directly from our factory. This helps maintain truHugs' quality standard.

Condition three breakdown - Time window: 1 month, Shipping expenses: fully paid, Reimbursement: refund or exchange.

truHugs return form

Ultimately, here at truHugs, we believe in making each customer happy with their purchase individually. Please e-mail so we can take care of you to the best of our abilities. After the return form is submitted, we will provide a return shipping label (so you don't have to pay shipping). All return refunds and exchanges will be initiated within 10 business days of receiving the product. We promise to keep you updated in terms of which stage your return is in.

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