Blanket selection and purchase

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We recommend trying the 15-pound blanket if you weigh under 150 lbs.  If you weigh in between 150 lbs. and 215 lbs., you could choose between the 15 lbs. or 20 lbs. blanket.  Finally, for people between 215 lbs. and 285 lbs., please select the appropriate blanket weight of 20 lbs. If you are a couple, you may seek maximum benefit by buying our 20 lb. variant.

The problem with the marketing facades in our industry is they claim therapeutic benefits at 10% body weight.  These ideal numbers were derived from weighted vest studies, not weighted blanket studies.  In addition, a weighted vest applies a different type of pressure on your body than a weighted blanket.  In physics, pressure = force / surface area.  The surface area of your shoulders is much less than your entire vertical body when you lie down to sleep.

To be honest, even if you are exactly 150 pounds and you buy a 15 lb blanket, half the weight will rest on your bed while the other half is on your body.  If you buy a blanket that has 6 inch x 6 inch gridding with large plastic pellets, our competitor analysis has shown us that the weight will be more prone to slide to the side. (lots of negative reviews on this)  In addition, the surface area is dramatically increased reducing the amount of pressure felt all around the body.  The end result of all these unmentioned factors is a weighted blanket only pragmatically applies a 2.5% to 3.5% your body weight pressure around your body with a weighted blanket.  We cannot translate scientific percentages across different products, that is misinterpretation of science.

Despite these flaws in misrepresentation of research, we would not sell weighted blankets and claim them to be therapeutically beneficial if we didn’t believe so.  Looking several scientific articles many layers deep, we discovered that weighted blankets do work on a physiological level, at least for those with ADHD and mental issues.  For the general population, there is no physiological or quantitative evidence regarding a weighted blanket therapeutic effects.  While specific special populations may be more sensitive to touch than a normal person, the physiological mechanism is the same for either…even if its not enough to produce a statistically significant difference in a normal person.  You feel deep pressure a ‘hug’ on the skin, which grounds you.  This sends a nervous system signal through the reticular formation, ending in the sensorimotor cortex of the brain telling you that “Hey, I’m safe right now.”  All our bodies have the same skin receptors, nerve transmissions, and interpretation of pressure around our body.

Because we believe in the well-researched material of the benefits of our product, and our research revealed that there is a physiological mechanism, no matter how significant, behind the therapeutic benefits of our product, we don’t see a problem with trying the hugging sensation as a couple.  All these specific weight recommendations are so far from scientific validity that is not where our focus is.  Instead, we know feeling hugged generates a physiological response.  How much you need to be hugged most likely depends on a person’s unique genetic profile, for which we have no control over.  Try different weight tiers and see what works for you. For a further breakdown of the science, please visit our research log here.

truHugs weighted blanket comes in Farsea Navy and Ashen Gray.

60 inches x 80 inches, which is the perfect size for a queen size bed.,  We are looking to offer more sizes in the future, however with all our R&D expenses and quality improvements over our competitors, we decided to stick with a size that will work for queens, and any bed size smaller than that. Scientifically, if the blanket is evenly draped around a smaller bed, it actually distributes the weight even better over your body than on a queen sized bed.  (the pressure is more centralized) 

The inner blanket layer is white with horizontal and vertical gridded stitching lines.

As of now, no.  This is because our blankets are cut and tied to their covers by hand. (hand-finished)  The bamboo lyocell material we had left over could have made extra covers we could sell.  However, we decided to toss in two bamboo lyocell pillow covers as a purchase bonus for our customers.

Blanket use, safety and material properties

Our bamboo lyocell cover is more breathable and absorbent when compared to other types of  fabrics.  This ultimately means it absorbs your heat (including sweat) and dissipates it to the environment around you better.  However, anyone that tells you their blanket is ‘cool’ with weighted filler is running a marketing scam.  The central “weighted filler” of most weighted blankets restrict breathability to a certain degree.  Our blanket design is among the coolest in the industry right now.  We recommend you try our blanket to see if its too hot, and then return it if it is! 

While there are a few studies that found people have reduced stress and anxiety while sleeping on their backs with the blankets over them, there are a multitude of studies that show therapeutic benefits with weighted vests and harnesses.  The physiological mechanism through which weighted blankets work is by simulating the sensation of a hug (in other words deep pressure), which goes through your limbic system and tells your brain you are ‘grounded’ and ‘secure.’  Thus, we recommend you sleep under the blanket to maximize your own comfort. You can also wear it around your shoulders for maximal effect

Yes.  Our bamboo blanket cover is naturally hypo-allergenic.  In addition, we use hypo-allergenic filling. In addition, our blanket cover has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.  According to several studies, bamboo lyocell wicks your sweat away quicker than most other fabrics, decreasing humidity under the blanket, resulting in dry conditions where its harder for fungus and bacteria to grow.  Thus, the blanket is great for sensitive skin.

Because our blanket is constructed primarily of 400-thread count cotton and 300-thread count bamboo lyocell, both breathable natural fabrics that allow oxygen to circulate more freely, we must state our blanket is less flame-retardant (but cooler) than blankets constructed out of synthetic material.

Most other queen comforters are designed to be draped around the side of your bed, instead of resting on top of it.  Our bamboo lyocell cover was designed specifically to rest on top of a queen size bed, and won’t fit other queen sized comforters. 

We use eight ties around the weighted comforter to attach it to its cover.  Please read the instructions (included with the blanket) on how to detach and reattach the cover without hassle. 

Our comforter is constructed from 100% 400-thread count cotton, the highest available in the weighted blanket market today.  Our duvet and pillow covers are constructed from 300-thread count bamboo lyocell, a fabric that has won multiple awards for its eco-friendliness, soft feel, wrinkle-resistance and durability.  Our weight filler utilizes glass beads, which were chosen over plastic pellets because they more equally distribute weight over your body and apply better pressure where its supposed to be, over your body.  Plastic pellets are larger and make the blanket feel ‘rocky’ and less smooth.  To be blunt, some other brands may stick with plastic because their operational infrastructure prevents a shift.  Glass filler is also more expensive than poly filler. Ultimately, our blanket is mostly constructed from premium natural fiber products, which resulted in raw material costs that exceed 3 times most of our competitors.  We encourage you to do your research.  We are sure you will come back here. 

Our blankets are made in China.  Do not let that leave the impression that our blankets are cheap though.  After we developed our product, we traveled around the world looking for factories with excess capacity that could produce our customized innovative sustainable blankets at low cost while treating their employees fairly.  We made sure our upstream raw textile supplier produced bamboo lyocell, and have the paperwork to prove it.  We linked this textile supplier with our manufacturer, that is OEKO-TEX 100 certified. This European certification guarantees safe, fair, and ethical employee practices.  Bluntly put, we transfer these cost savings to you, as our selling price results in smaller profit margins for us, but we don’t care! Support our cause to help people and our planet by picking up one today. 

Blanket maintenance

Please view our instruction sheet here on how to detach the blanket from its cover. 

Manual method (preferred) - Bamboo lyocell is a delicate fabric that may be hand-washed in cold water with gentle detergent.  Drip dry.

Convenient method – Machine wash using the gentle cycle.  Drip drying is preferable to machine drying.  If line dried, briefly toss in the dryer with a damp towel to soften the fabric. 

Use only a warm temperature iron.  Too much direct heat to the duvet cover may scorch the lyocell bamboo. 

Absolutely yes. 

Machine wash separately in warm or cold water.  Tumble dry low/medium.  Do not iron. 

If you have an older top-loading washing machine, a weighted blanket may through it out of balance.  Please use newer washing machines to prevent damage to your washing machine. 

Return, exchange, and warranty policies

We want you to be happy about your blanket purchase with us.  After testing the weighted blanket, if you decide our product is not for you, you have 30 days from receiving the blanket to return your truHugs blanket.  No questions asked. 

If your product arrived damaged, please fill out our return form here within 5 days of receiving the product.  If the form is approved, we will expedite a new product to you free of charge and pay for shipping / packaging for the damaged product to be shipped back to us. 

Please fill out our Product Return Authorization form here within 30 days of the order date. Return authorizations will be initiated within 5 business days of claim requests.  Refunds will be processed within 10 business days of receiving the product back. 

truHugs blanket has a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty.  Please view our warranty terms and file a warranty claim hereWarranty coverage authorizations are initiated within 5 business days of coverage requests. To ensure warranty coverage, please view our FAQ section on proper truHugs blanket maintenance.